Grab your peanuts – it’s a baseball/finance mashup

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May 21, 2019
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Grab your peanuts – it’s a baseball/finance mashup

If you know me, you know I’m a big Philadelphia Phillies fan! In fact, I just recently had a chance to meet the Phillies Phanatic, Tom Burgoyne, the Phanatic for 35 years! I even got to wear the 2008 World Series ring.

All Star Week is around the corner (July 5-9) and baseball is on my brain.

When I watch a game, I’m always fascinated by the coordination and rhythm of the players on the field. If the infielder misses the ball, the outfielder is right there to back him up.

Don’t you wish you had someone to back you up when it came to your finances?

It’s lonely out there by yourself and you can’t catch everything thrown or hit at you. A baseball team has multiple players, each with specific positions. Your infielders – your bookkeepers and staff accountants – play well on the infield. Sometimes you need your outfielders – your CFO (or your Virtual CFO – like us)- to ensure everything is caught, like the line drives that are just slightly out of reach by the infielders.

Just like a home run can easily put a few runs on the scoreboard, a missed invoice or incorrect decimal point could mean a big loss for your business.

During All Star Week, one of my favorite things to watch is the Home Run Derby. So much power from the batters and a lot of fun to guess how many homers each one will hit.

Last year, Bryce Harper (who is now on the Phillies!) took home the win, scoring 19 home runs in the final round. It was really thrilling to watch.

It’s the same feeling when we see our business numbers begin to grow. We close deal after deal, get client after client, and truly feel like we are hitting it out of the park on all accounts!

But just like a home run can look promising and then go foul at the last minute, so can your numbers.

When you grow quickly, you have to keep up. It’s important to have staff in place, software in order and accounting in tip-top shape.

The All Star Game is being held in Cleveland this year and will bring a lot of fans into the city. This is a great reminder to get out there and make yourself known in your area of business. And on the flip side, get to the places where people are sharing their expertise!

For instance, I am holding a workshop in July (details below) to spread my financial knowledge and help business owners with their planning for the second part of the year.

Bring people into your personal arena. Hold a workshop or a webinar. Host an event with your local chamber or networking organization. Record a video series for social media. And remember to get out there and listen and learn from others, too!

Let’s crack open those peanuts and throw away the shell (the finance stuff you don’t want to worry about anymore) and get to the good stuff. I’m here to chat when you’re ready.