Outsourced financial processes.

You created your business to provide a service or product that you’re passionate about. You did not build the business to perform back office transactional processes and financial reporting. At Price Turner CFOs, our primary purpose is to help you manage those back office transactional processes!  By outsourcing your financial processes, you’re able to grow your business while knowing that your company’s financial records are accurate and properly managed with innovative, efficient processes.

Right from the start, we’ll evaluate your existing accounting systems, ensuring that we bolster its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses. This could mean making small changes, or could mean completely revamping how you operate. From there, our bookkeeping team will keep your books up to date and organized, making it easy to pull timely reports whenever you need them.

Our Virtual CFO will analyze and help you to understand what everything means on your financial reports, so you can easily identify cash flow, operating expenses and profit margins.

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The end result?

You’ll be better equipped to make decisions with confidence so you can lead your business toward greater profitability.

Here are just a few of ways we help businesses like yours:

  • Reviewing accounting and operational processes and implementing efficient changes to provide higher profits or lower costs.
  • Providing accounting controllership that allows you to concentrate on operations, products and services instead of details behind administrative functions.
  • Explaining in laymen’s terms the story behind the numbers, including what the income and expense report really means so you can make decisions without long hours of paperwork.
  • Showing you where the cash is coming in and going out and what the bank account statement says about your business, allowing you to be more flexible when you’re looking to make an investment or expand operations.
  • Helping you and your sales team to know the price point leeway that will result in a profitable business.
  • Establishing the framework and guidelines for expansion and growth so you have a clear pathway to your goals.
  • Establishing an understanding of your overhead’s fixed and variable costs to ensure that markups on products and services are sufficient to ensure profitability.
  • Creating and documenting standardized procedures to promote efficiencies and smoother transitional changes.

We have four levels of service available.

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Includes the following bookkeeping and Virtual CFO services:

Online accounting software enrollment
Real-time accounting reports
Downloading of bank transactions
Reconciliation of bank accounts
Downloading of credit card transactions
Reconciliation of credit card accounts
Training on use of reports
Development of standard reports, including your P&L, balance sheets, trial balance, list of transactions and company overview
Financial reporting package for your tax accountant at year end
Cash application from your clients
Payment of vendor invoices
Outsourced payroll processing (through 3rd party integration)
Invoice preparation
CFO: number of Hours with CFO 1 per quarter 1 per month 2 per month 4 per month

Project-based services.

In addition to our monthly services, we offer project-based services. Bring in our team of experienced bookkeepers and Virtual CFOs to complete any accounting or process implementation project that will help your business move forward.

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