This was NOT the plan, AND the trip was AWESOME!!!

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June 18, 2019
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August 20, 2019
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This was NOT the plan, AND the trip was AWESOME!!!

I’ve talked about saying no before, but this month was all about saying, YES!

My daughter and her wife were set to move into their new condo and I was excited to help them move in, making the *not too short, but not too far* six-hour drive to Boston. The first yes happened when my daughter said she would drive because I seemed really stressed navigating all of the traffic around New York City. Even though it was my car and I rarely let others drive, I said YES.

First diversion in the plan: Condo settlement was delayed for a week. 

I called my friend, Linda, who lives in Maine and told her I was coming to visit and did she mind that it would be for a few days? She said she didn’t mind and YES to come visit. We had an awesome week together. We saw Portland, I visited a client, we did some shopping at Trader Joes. Did you know there is only ONE Trader Joes in all of Maine?? We went to the outlets in Freeport, where the flagship L.L. Bean store is located, we helped clean out another friend’s cottage on the lake, we took walks by the river and had so many great conversations and meals together.

You know what else we did? We worked!

I realized I could work in the morning, as Linda also got her work done, and then the afternoons could be spent exploring and making memories. I realized how easily I can work from anywhere. I have never spent that much time away from the office, without a real plan to return, and yet nothing fell through the cracks.

Second diversion in the plan: Condo settlement was delayed AGAIN. 

I didn’t want to outstay my welcome with Linda, although she was such a gracious host, so I told her we were packing up and going to Canada! It was only two hours away and I wasn’t going to miss the chance to visit while so close.

Third diversion in the plan: I didn’t have my passport with me.

No problem. I called my son, asked him to find my passport in my house and pop it in the mail. Sometimes you just need to ask for help! My business coach would be proud of me on that one. It arrived and we headed to St. Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada and did some whale watching! We also visited the Bay of Fundy, which is famous for having the largest difference between high and low tide in the world. What a great and spontaneous trip!

Fourth diversion in the plan: I was ready to possibly head home after Canada, when a friend from Florida, who has a summer place in Maine, saw that I was in the state via social media and invited me over. 

I hadn’t seen these friends in over two years and saying YES to this visit was awesome!

Maine is quite large, however, the summer place was only 90 minutes from my friend’s house. Spending quality time with people whom you can just laugh and enjoy each other’s company is just plain fun.

With the condo settlement still delayed, I called my brother in New Hampshire and went to visit him. He asked me to go bird watching in Massachusetts and I said, you guessed it, YES! I got to see an eagle, an osprey with a fish in its claws and a Snowy egret. The next morning was my planned drive back home, via Boston, to spend a little time with my daughter and her wife. We drove by the condo (and unfortunately, my daughter and her wife are still waiting on the settlement) and I got to meet my niece’s new baby (who also lives in Boston).

It was a spectacular, wonderful, unplanned two-week trip and I was ready to head home. Seriously, I was in the car when…

Fifth diversion in the plan: A huge storm stopped me in my tracks.

My daughter-in-law said I should just stay overnight and leave in the morning and I said one final, YES! We went to dinner, it was so nice to get to spend some extra time together, and I had a beautiful, sunny drive home the next morning.

This was a completely spontaneous vacation, yet it was better than anything I could have ever actually planned. Funny how life works that way. This trip taught me three important lessons that I hope inspire you:

  1. Family and friends are everything. Spend time with them often.
  2. Travel is good for your soul, such a stress reliever and a way to recharge.
  3. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, make sure you have a team/systems in place to take care of your operations, so you can pack up and get away and know that you can still manage everything as long as you have Internet!

As you read this, I will have just returned from another trip! A girl’s trip with my sister and some lifelong friends to Florida. Next week my two brothers are coming and we are all meeting at the Jersey Shore, then I’m headed back to Canada to do some true whale watching, camping and seeing the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

This has been quite a summer so far for me and if this is the diversion in your plan you need – Get out there and book that trip, say yes to it all! And then let me know how it goes.