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October 4, 2023
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The Perks of Remote Work

Work looks different these days. Although lockdowns and restrictions have been lifted, many companies are still working remotely, or incorporating remote work into a hybrid model. Some companies are offering incentives like free meals to get people back into the office, or telling them they only have to come in on certain days. Some workers have even moved cities or states, finding it more affordable to live in an area with a lower cost of living and commuting back and staying in a hotel when they have to be in the office.

Here at Price Turner CFOs, it is business as usual, because we have always worked remotely! When I founded Price Turner CFOs in 2012, I was already familiar with some of the technologies that would develop into the tools for remote work that we use every day. I had a background in Fortune 100 companies that were already using video conferencing technology to hold meetings between their branches and partners across the world. You could also access their data centers from wherever you were, so when I started Price Turner CFOs, I knew the technology was there to enable remote work. And technology just kept improving! Eventually the cloud arrived, and we began storing materials there instead of on servers. We even started using Zoom when it arrived a couple of years before the pandemic.

Why are we so committed to remote work here at Price Turner CFOs? There are many reasons. Firstly, it allows for a much healthier work/life balance for our employees. I am able to hire workers with families, who need to work non-standard hours. Employees also are not forced to commute, which can be both a time-suck and a stressor on them. We can cast a wide geographical net for both employees and clients as well, working for and with people all over the country! Also, it’s just cheaper for us to work remotely. We don’t have to pay for an office! We also pay employees rates in the states where they live, and they don’t have to pay the Philadelphia wage tax unless they live in Philadelphia.

We also have found a lot of success in our methods of remote work. Microsoft TEAMS, which we discovered during the pandemic has been wonderful, with its chat function for communication, and also allows us to share files and store information. We implement a time clock in order to bill clients, and for the most part we have not seen employees abusing it. We evaluate our employees based on the work that they complete, and if we feel their productivity has been low, we will discuss it with them. Effective management is key so that both managers and employees get what they need. Employees have to feel supported, while upper management ensures that everything is running smoothly.

One thing that the pandemic did change for us, is that now that remote work is widely accepted, clients are more willing to work with us. Now they understand how and why remote work works for us, and are willing to see it work for them too.

Where’s Amy:
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