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June 23, 2022
Three Tips For Remote Team Success
August 25, 2022
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Attitude Is Everything

It’s been a year and a half since I hired anyone new to the company. Our growth was running away before I could catch up with it and the feeling of finding the right people to add to our team was looming heavily on my mind. It wasn’t a decision I wanted to rush.

When you are in the flow and ready to bring more people on to your team, it’s intimidating. You want to ensure you bring on people that align with the values of your company, will work well with your existing team and will enhance your company by bringing their own powerful talents and skills to the table.

I realized in the interview process that when candidates came to me with a wonderful attitude, that was the game changing decision. Skills are needed, of course, but I believe that anyone willing to learn and willing to adjust can be trained on software or processes that might be unfamiliar to them. Enthusiasm and connection truly matter.

At PTCFOs, we are 100% remote, so communication is vital to our team strength and our client relations. The team I have assembled are all people who not only have the skills and attitude to serve our clients well, they are people who want to help and support their fellow team members and people who believe in the vision of this company and what we do. I’m so lucky to know them all!

Think about all the relationships in your business and how you can connect with each other for mutual benefit, while keeping a positive and upbeat attitude through it all.

Clients. Do you need to schedule any check-in calls? Any unpaid invoices or financial discussions that need to be had? Have you asked for testimonials lately? Can you share a new resource for an existing client? Can you send a gift or note just to say thanks?

Team. Do you need to hire? Will anyone be shifting their responsibilities? Do you need more team meetings/less team meetings? Can you schedule some 1:1 time with each team member? How can you strengthen your personal leadership skills? Can you plan any summer fun days?

Network. Have you connected people that should meet? Should you attend more events/less events? Do you need to do more outreach via social media? Can you give a webinar or talk that would help an organization you belong to? Should you follow-up with some former connections?

Yourself. Are you taking time off? Are you making sure to put activities into your day that fill you up rather than burn you out? Do you need to make changes to any processes that are no longer working for you? Do you need to take a course, workshop or training to improve your skills?

Speaking of taking care of yourself, it’s all about baseball for me. Watching the games is one of MY favorite ways to relax and reset. Along with spending quality time with my family and friends. What about you?