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May 26, 2021
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July 21, 2021
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Two Major Celebrations!

I was recently awarded the Main Line Chamber of Commerce “Growing Company of the Year” award and I feel incredibly honored. Attending an outdoor, in-person award ceremony was truly fantastic.

This award was based on the company’s employee and revenue growth, as well as sustainable growth. Investing in a team, adding new software, networking through the pandemic, helping people with their PPP loans and other financials – the past year and a half was completely unexpected, but ultimately, led me to learn, grow and work with so many new people.

As I went back and looked at my calendar, I had to reflect on my journey. I joined the Chamber, my first networking group by the way, back in 2013. My company was just shy of a year old and it was just me. No virtual assistant, no team, no business coach, no real plans.

I started attending events, going to lunch and learns, meeting people and in 2015 I went to over a dozen Chamber events. It started to become a huge part of my business. As I grew in business, I grew with the Chamber.

When Chamber Connect group was formed, I joined early on and I also became an Ambassador, which gave me the chance to welcome new members, ask them how we could help and consistently connect with amazing individuals. I am still a member of both of these today.

From SPW events, to medal ceremonies to inspirational breakfasts, to finding clients, to being referred to organizations, to nominating people for leadership roles, to being a sponsor at an event and getting to hear Temple Grandin speak, I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with this Chamber. Even through the pandemic, we stayed together and hosted virtual events, keeping relationships strong.

My second celebration is more personal. I am now 15 years cancer free! And after a year of real isolation and not going out farther than the grocery story, I am starting to ease back into seeing family and friends.

I was able to take a vacation and work remotely from three different states over the past month and even attended an in-person wedding.

Are you going on a trip this year? Have you reviewed the vacation policy for your team? Many people have a lot of days to take, since last year looked so strange, so ensure your team is getting the time they are owed and you are planning for it financially.

The world is changing, yet again. If you ever want to talk about your finances as you navigate the second half of 2021, please reach out. And remember to get involved with organizations that inspire you. It takes time and effort, but when you communicate and connect, you find success far surpassing even your wildest dreams. I know I have and I am so grateful.

Thank you to the Chamber and thank YOU for being a part of my community.