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April 21, 2020
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June 16, 2020
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The Silver Lining to The Quarantine


While I thought about writing a detailed newsletter covering all the new information on the PPP and SBA and EIDL funds, I wanted to keep it light and share some of the good things that have come out of my time at home.

My virtual breakfast meetings look a little different (missing the omelet and coffee) but the connections are just as strong. Many people have come on to chat and I will continue holding those ongoing.

Every week, my five siblings and I jump on a Zoom call to discuss our week. Not that we weren’t always in close contact, but this is a special and intentional meeting to really check in on one another and be there as a support. We were all supposed to be together this month, celebrating not one, but two weddings! We span five states in the Eastern Time zone, from New Hampshire to the Keys in Florida and are 56-63 years young (yes, six kids in 6 ½ years with no twins!)

A really cool experience recently took place when myself, my siblings and a bunch of friends from our neighborhood street came together on a Zoom call. My family moved there in the late 1960s and we all lived on the same street, going through the same elementary school, junior high, high school, then later colleges, jobs, marriages, kids, you know – life!! This virtual reunion really brought back some great memories. Check out the pic above.

Coming up soon, another virtual reunion is happening with all of my cousins (16 of us) on my mother’s side. I can’t wait to see everyone and catch up.

As you know, I am very involved with my local Rotary club (let me know if you want information.) This past week, the Upper Main Line Rotary Club held a fantastic Zoom event that had me dancing (literally) as we had an instructor from Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Wayne to teach us a mariachi dance and a classical waltz. You can still learn and try so many new things through the screen!

Even though we are inside and vacations aren’t being planned, connections can be planned.

Take it upon yourself and get something scheduled. It could be similar to mine and you could welcome old friends from home or maybe former co-workers or college buddies.

Who are you missing? Let them know!

I can’t leave you this month without reminding you that money is available to those business owners struggling during this time. I am constantly getting updated with new information, so schedule a call with me and we can discuss your business situation and how I can help.

One of my clients recently received a loan and she is now able to put the infrastructure in place for sanitation practices needed to reopen her business. I love hearing good news like this and I really want to assist as many people as I can with securing their financial future.

If things are business as usual for you, I am still here for all of your regular accounting needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out.