The Fall, The Scare, The Hospital, The Support

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June 16, 2020
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August 18, 2020
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The Fall, The Scare, The Hospital, The Support


You might have heard I suffered a fall a few weeks ago and had to be hospitalized. There I was, on a Zoom call with a client one minute, the next, I was closing a window in the house. I stepped back and my foot didn’t land properly. I fell backward into a cabinet and broke a rib. THAT is much more painful than the movies depict it!

A few days later, I was still in a lot of pain and went to an awesome acupuncturist (who also happens to be a client). She noticed my oxygen levels were really low, (we are talking 89% and it should be 99%), and she told me I needed to get to the ER. She truly saved my life.

In the ER, I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs), which was a harrowing experience and is often fatal. I now know as a cancer survivor, I am at a higher risk for blood clots. And within a few days of leaving the hospital, I also developed an infection! I am now wrapping myself in BUBBLE WRAP!!!

In reality, I am still recovering. I am also sitting here thinking of how lucky I am to have so much support around me. Every single person stepped up to the plate and I worried about nothing but getting better while in the hospital.

My VA rescheduled all of my appointments, my bookkeepers took on extra work, my clients reached out to see if I needed anything. It was all truly amazing. It reminded me why I work with the people I do, their values are the same as mine. We are service above self, always. We are here for one another, not just in a business relationship, but as friends.

Our last session at Beacon spoke about outsourcing and the importance of having people that are experts be of support to you in your business. I am thankful for my entire network of trusted advisors, like my business lawyer, my estate layer, my tax accountant (no, I don’t do my own taxes, even though I’m a CPA, I leave that to a tax expert), my business coach, my entire team, my family and my friends.

I recently had some plumbing issues in my home and I called one of my clients in the field. He came, fully covered and masked, protecting us both, and was able to get the expert work done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to diagnose it, let alone repair the issue. And, I have the peace of mind knowing it was done professionally. I was happy to write out his check.

I believe in paying people for their services, rather than bartering business services. Respect people’s skills and provide them proper compensation. Right now, we all need to keep our cash flow moving.

And remember, do NOT keep everything to yourself. Reach out for help, whether it be business, personal, in terms of tasks to be completed or even just talking. Make sure you find people in a similar position to chat to, especially during this time. Whether you are a parent navigating school choices for the fall, caretakers with high-risk parents trying to keep everyone safe, unemployed or laid-off individuals needing friends or mentors to assist you as you try to find new opportunities. Talk things out. It will help!

I am here, I am getting better day-by-day and working more each day! If you want to schedule a meeting with me to discuss the ever-changing rules to the PPP loan or any financial questions, do that right here.