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July 1, 2021
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Maybe I should have been an astronaut…

July 20,1969 we put a man on the moon.

Today is exactly 52 years later and the strides we’ve made in space exploration are absolutely amazing.

We have the international space station, we can get detailed photos and recordings of different parts of our solar system, we are constantly finding new stars and black holes, we are exploring Mars and I’m sure you’ve heard that by 2027 we could actually have a space hotel?!

Right now we are in the midst of the Perseid meteor shower, which began last week and goes through mid-August. This actually happens every year at the same time and peaks August 11th – 13th when we will be able to see up to 100 meteors per hour!

Why are we talking about space, you ask??

A lot of reasons.

It’s always been a fascinating subject to me and now that one of my brothers works for NASA as a real rocket scientist, it’s become even more exciting.

It’s also very relatable to business.

The unknown.
What is out there, what will we discover next? When JFK said in the early 1960s we’d have a man on the moon in that decade, he was dreaming big. Are you dreaming big? Are you looking at the opportunities for your business? Are you looking 1, 5 or 10 years into the future? Are you setting up your finances to allow you to reach your goals?

Uncharted territory.
When the pandemic happened, we were thrust into uncharted territory. We were worried, but we figured it out. I can’t imagine being an astronaut and flying into space, but I can imagine a different kind of ride that is just as thrilling – entrepreneurship. Astronauts succeed because they make detailed plans, they have a support team on the ground and they are highly trained. We need to do the same in our own industries. We need to keep learning, keep growing, surround ourselves with the right people and step out of our comfort zone often.

The right pilot. 
Richard Branson made it to space earlier in the month and TODAY Jeff Bezos takes his turn. Their companies will become direct competitors in the role of actually flying people into space for what will be a crazy adventure. They aren’t operating the ship though and you don’t have to be the one behind all the controls in your business either. You don’t have to be CEO or CFO and you don’t have to handle all the numbers (call me for that)!

The changing nature. 
Take the moon for example. There are phases – new moon, full moon, etc. And the moon looks different during each of those. You know when you look up and see the crescent moon, yet can still faintly see the outline of the entire moon? You know it’s there, but it’s not actually visible. That is your business at any given time. Sometimes it feels whole and complete and other times, you know it’s headed for a change. Shifts always happen and they aren’t as scientific as the moon patterns. You need to be ready.

Maybe someday, people like you and I will be taking a quick trip into space, but for now we can take a different kind of flight together and keep your business on track and reaching for the stars!