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September 17, 2019
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November 20, 2019
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I’m Turning 60 Today!


I remember when my Dad turned 60 and honestly, I thought he was old at the time. I was 35, with two young children, working in corporate America and he was semi-retired and moving to Florida.

Here I sit, turning 60, and I feel like I’m just getting started. I’m meeting new people every week, securing new clients every quarter, volunteering, and always looking for my next adventure. I’m active. I’m happy. Business is good. I gotta say, this birthday feels fantastic. Age is just a number.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago, it was a true wake up call. If you want to read about my story, you can check out this blog I wrote when I was 10 years cancer-free.

It really changed my life. The “you could die at any moment” thought was so powerful at that time and I knew I would never waste another second. So there is no fear in turning 60, there is no feeling that I’m getting older and need to slow down. There is only hope and excitement for all the years I have to come!

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness, so please, get your mammogram and if you are a man reading this, you need to be checked, too. My father was a breast cancer survivor of over 20 years. It can happen to anyone.

My motto for this year is to talk less and smile more. To be there for others going through a difficult time, to be supportive, to be helpful. It might be as simple as holding the door a little longer for the person coming in behind you or going to the event for a friend even though you’ve had a long day at the office.

As I reflect on the past 60 years, my life has been full of ups and downs, just like everyone. I’ve dealt with disease, divorce, job loss. But I’ve also found so much joy with my children, my friends, my work, my colleagues and clients. The best lesson I’ve learned over these years is that you don’t need anyone else’s approval. Do what you want. Stop waiting to live, LIVE NOW.

Have fun, live your dreams, travel! I’ve been to South America, Scandinavia, France, Greece, Italy, Canada and I can’t wait to add more locations to that list.

Where should I go next?

What should I try in the new decade?

I don’t have big plans for this birthday, only to celebrate it like I do every year, with thanks and gratitude that I get to blow the candles out once more. That I get to be here to watch my children grow, my business grow, my experiences grow. Thank you for being a part of my beautiful life!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 86, Meryl Streep is 70, Jennifer Lopez is 50. And I’m now a proud 60. We can all keep doing what we love for as long as we want if we have passion and drive. Celebrate your age today!