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February 19, 2020
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Getting The Love In Your Business

Celebrating Valentine’s Day last week reminded me of a funny story and inspired this month’s blog.

I was seven years old when my family moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania. My siblings and I had our first day of school on none other than Valentine’s Day. My oldest brother came home with lots of cards and candy, being the new, handsome boy in class. And I came home with nothing. I don’t think any of the kids had extras and I think in my brother’s class, some of the girls ended up giving ones meant for the other boys to him.

I laughed about it and just had to share. Even though I didn’t get anything that day, I still felt really loved in my school and it was a great move for our family. Sometimes, getting the love just takes a little extra time.

I wanted to talk about getting the love (really the support) you need for your business to thrive.

Just this past month, I was on my own website, checking to see where I should put a new video and I realized something was wrong. My images weren’t showing up, pages weren’t loading and sometimes the site wasn’t coming up at all. I had been hacked. Time to get the love/support….so I immediately called my web designer for help.

Even though in the moment, I felt panicked, I knew a quick call to him was all I needed to do. With his support and work, we were back on track in no time.

Someone I know recently had her laptop stolen while on vacation. Again, she panicked in the moment, she needed to get some love/support. She had set up ways to remotely wipe her computer if this ever happened, so even though she lost the item, she didn’t lose anything else. This time, the love/support came in the digital form!

Some clients over the years had fraudulent checks cashed on their bank accounts, which was caught after the funds had been pulled. A big issue could have occurred trying to get the funds replaced and the account number changed and all the other hassles when fraud occurs. Instead, my clients got the love/support from their banks, which was very cool to see. They are seen as people, not numbers, and the banks helped them rectify the problems. Good vendors can be huge support systems.

I recently worked with a couple in business who were behind on filing taxes out of fear. They were simply avoiding it because they didn’t have a partner in the process to show them the way. This time they got the love/support from Price Turner CFOs. We met and in just a half-hour, we were able to pull together the data needed to file and get them on a path to future success.

Where do you need to get some love in your business? Is it help with accounting? Is it help with strategy? Is it help with marketing? Is it help with sales? Get out there and find the support. Everything’s better when we work together, empower one another and learn from one another.