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February 19, 2020
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April 21, 2020
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Coronavirus – a few thoughts

We are all in this together. The uncertainty and changes to our everyday lives are happening, but as long as we stay informed and adapt, this too shall pass.

As a virtual business owner, and one that works with many other virtual owners, we feel for those in workplaces that might be affected. If you have to work from home, or think it might become a possibility, try to get set up now. What would you need that you don’t already have?

I’ve been attending a few regular local meetings over the last week and everyone is refraining from handshakes and not exchanging business cards. Just being aware, but not letting the fear overtake us. It simply boils down to being courteous and respectful, staying home when we don’t feel well and buying only what we need at the store, so everyone behind us in line can also get what they need.

Now is the time to utilize technology. If you can do a Zoom chat with a client rather than in-person, that’s great. If you can order food from an app instead of going into the restaurant, that’s an option. If you can order groceries from an app instead of going into the store, that eliminates contact.

This is also a good time, if there is downtime, to do the things you have been wanting to do. For me, I’ll be reading a few more books and working on taxes. Speaking of taxes, the deadline MIGHT be extended (as of writing this) and there are supposed to be some additional loan options for small businesses, so do your research on REPUTABLE sites to see how you can gain relief and support.

Personal hygiene is still number one, along with doing what is best for you specifically. If you fall into the age bracket more widely affected, or have a compromised immune system, it’s perfectly acceptable to cancel or reschedule and not feel any guilt around that. You can have the meeting later or take the trip another time. Our health is always the most important factor. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our businesses.

I’m canceling my breakfast series for now, but stay tuned in the next few months and I’ll share a sign up when we have a better grasp of what is happening. In the meantime, continue your business development online. Provide training, create a course or take classes online.

Everything might seem a little odd right now, but this isn’t a time to get down or feel alone. We are all navigating this together and the news is changing almost hourly. Do what is best for you, your family and your business. Talk to your colleagues and either act as a resource if you hear about anything that could help them and also listen in case someone has more knowledge than you on a particular topic.

If you want to jump on a call at any time, just schedule using this link or call me!

I am thinking of all of you.